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   Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan City Insein renamed founded in 2003, its predecessor was founded in 1988 Yongda Stone Machinery Factory, Yongda machinery since 1988, mainly engaged in stone processing machinery production. 2003, Yongda Stone Machinery Plant was officially settled Geely Industrial Park, and renamed Insein Machinery Co., Ltd. Foshan City. We have been focused on
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YH-1200 (new) stone straight edge bevel edge polishing machine

YH-1200 (new) stone straight edg

YD-4020 CNC 3-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

YD-4020 waterjet

YD-3020AB CNC 5-axis Waterjet Cutting Machine

YD-3020AB waterjet

YD-2515 waterjet

YD-2515 waterjet

AC 5-Axis Waterjet Cutting Machine For Metals Cutting

YD-3020 AC

YH-1200 14 Heads Arc Edge Polishing Machine

YH-1200 14 heads

YD-800 automatic environmental tile squaring and chamfering production line

YD-800 enviromental

YD-800 Up-Down Continuous Squaring And Chamfering Production Line

YD-800 up-down

YD-800 (Dual knife) automatic continuous tiles cutting machine

YD-800 (Dual knife)

YD-800 (single set of knives) automatic continuous cutting machine

YD-800 (single set of knives)

YD-800 (three knives) Automatic Continuous Tiles Cutting Machine

YD-800 (three knives) automatic

QSY-1200B Manual Cutting Machine Of Stones and Ceramics


QSY-1200A Manual Cutting Machine Of Stones And Ceramics


YH-1200 (180 °) arc edging stone polishing machine

YH-1200 (180 °) arc edging stone

YH-1200 (90 °) arc edging stone polishing machine

YH-1200 (90 °) arc edging stone

CNC 5-Axis 3D Stone Column Engraving Machine


CNC Belt Stone Engraving Machine For stones, Ceramics, Glass


CNC Engraving Machine


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